Water & Process Fluid Treatment Supplies

We have a complete line of high quality, cost-effective maintenance, repair and operation supplies to keep your treatment systems running at peak performance.  Let us help you take a total system approach by pairing our supplies with a customized service contract to ensure you always have high quality treatment with trouble free operations.

Avista Products for Water Treatment

Dow Sanitary Full Fit Membranes

UV Lamps and Parts

Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies

Specialty Chemicals for Membrane Systems

  • Antiscalants
  • Formulated cleaners
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
  • Membrane compatible coagulants


System Consumables

  • Replacement ion exchange resins
  • RO and UF membranes
  • Filter media
  • Activated carbon
  • Filter cartridges
  • UV lamps and parts
  • Laboratory ion exchange cartridges

Resin Services

  • Resin analysis
  • Regeneration services
  • Specialty resin processing

Membrane Support Services

  • Off-site cleaning
  • Prevention and freeze protection
  • Cleaning studies
  • Filtration studies
  • Membrane autopsies

Replacement Parts and Upgrades 

We carry a full line of replacement parts and system upgrades for all types of water purification systems