As we all know, reverse osmosis (RO) membranes work extremely well – until they
need to be cleaned.

If you have a clean-in-place system, you’re able to clean your membranes as soon as they need it. If not, you need to find another option. There are a number of reasons why plants don’t want to clean in place:

  • Limitations of the hardware, i.e. no way to clean by stage
  • They don’t want to handle cleaning chemicals
  • They don’t know the best way to clean
  • They can’t afford the downtime
  • Personnel/staffing issues


Process Solutions Inc. now offers off-site cleaning at our Cincinnati facility! If you don’t want to clean in place, you can send your elements to us for cleaning. Our protocol includes pre and post-cleaning testing of each membrane so you can see how effective the cleaning was, plus preservation of the cleaned membranes if you’re not planning to put them right back into your system. We even offer the service to swap out the elements at your site, so it’s completely hands-off for you!

As a reminder, we still have portable cleaning skids available to clean-in-place at your facility if that’s your preference. Let’s talk about what works best for you!

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