Reverse Osmosis has become the “go-to” technology for removing dissolved minerals from water supplies for industrial as well as municipal applications.

20 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

150 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

Reclaim Reverse Osmosis System

Reasons why RO has become so prevalent:

  • Continuous steady-state process, with no downtime for regeneration
  • Eliminates handling of hazardous acids and caustics
  • Can usually direct the waste stream to the sewer with no further treatment
  • Improves safety and environmental compliance
  • Reduces overall operating and maintenance costs


Reverse Osmosis is frequently used for industrial process applications; however, it is becoming more popular for water recovery, water reuse, and water reclamation. The economics of water recovery is increasingly attractive, particularly if you are operating on city water and sewer.

At Process Solutions Inc., we offer a wide variety of packaged and custom-designed systems to suit the needs of your process, your facility, and your budget. Plus, we offer the support products and services to keep your RO system running at peak efficiency!